Narrow Gauge Steam Engine


The Riverside & Great Northern Railway in the Wisconsin Dells is a wonderful time. These 15-inch narrow gauge steam engines take you on a nice 3-mile ride through the woods. The sounds are awesome and the steam engine whistle goes … Continue reading

Alona & Dylan


Congratulations to my sister and my new brother-in-law!

USA Kubb


The red, white and blue Kubb King of the US National Kubb Championship shining in the sun on gorgeous green grass in Eau Claire, WI. In the background teams battle it out to move into the semi-finals round.

Waves v. Ice


The Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon is constantly calving icebergs that float around for a while, and then enter the Atlantic. There the icebergs meet their fate versus the ocean.

Snow Branches


We got about eight inches of snow today. It was gorgeous. I snapped this right off of our back deck about half an hour before a breeze knocked most of it down.

North Atlantic Beach


The North Atlantic is a cold and violent body of water. It doesn’t invite you in, it frightens you away. But as the sun sets it can be beautiful with Iceland’s black volcanic sand beaches in the foreground. This is … Continue reading



Iceland’s remote countryside is gorgeous, but the capital city of Reykjavík is also splendid. Colorful buildings with traditional Scandinavian architecture.

Langholt Church


We ran across this church while we were driving through the southern part of Iceland. The church was surrounded by mounds of dirt, graves. And the entire church was ringed by a small earthen levee. Near the church was a … Continue reading

Minnehaha Creek Dry


We are having a record drought this summer and fall. It has barely rained in the last two months. It feels a bit disconnected since there are no restrictions on watering your lawn or anything in the city. However, when … Continue reading

Highway 643, West Fjords, Iceland


Highway 643 winds along the eastern side of the West Fjords of Iceland. We took this road up to the Djupavik Herring Factory. Highway 643 ends around 20 km past Djupavik.



The glacial runoff forms muddy ponds filled with silt and chunks of ice floating.

Curves and Peak


The Highlands of Iceland are hard to describe. It feels like you are in a martian terrain. The majority of it is volcanic desert made of a hard, black surface that is inhospitable to most fauna. Incredibly small plants grow … Continue reading



The Skógafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. Due to the amount of spray the waterfall consistently produces, a single or double rainbow is normally visible on sunny days.

Alluvial Plain


The Skeiðarársandur is a desert plan in southern Iceland that is crossed by the glacial river Skeiðará coming from the Skeiðarárjökull glacier just south of Skaftafell National Park in Iceland. This is one of the most tormented regions in Iceland. … Continue reading

Greenland Flyover


There is a saying that the best camera is the one you have. While flying home from Iceland we flew over the southern part of Greenland. The sky was completely clear. The sun was at a good angle. And I … Continue reading

Waves Crashing


Before looking at the pictures above, start the audio playing to enjoy the full effect. (Audio captures with Zoom H2 field recorder.) We stopped in Dyrhólaey on the south coast of Iceland. The waves were crashing into shore and the … Continue reading

Djúpavík Herring Factory


We decided to explore the Northern reaches of Iceland and drove to Djúpavík. Djúpavík is home to a deserted Herring factory that has been closed since 1954. The factory has been sitting abandoned with much of the original equipment left … Continue reading