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Fur Buyer

Wayne and Saw

Houseboat in Grand Marais

Spirit of the Wilderness Episcopal Church

Tom and Clem

Dragon Boats

Croix and Charlie Brown

Family Canoe in Grand Marais


The Naniboujou Lodge dining room getting ready to open for lunch.

Canoe Country

Canoes heading up the Gun Flint Trail.

Lodge Up North

Rainy day? Tired after a long day on the lake? Enjoy some time in the lodge.

Extremely Cold Water

These four boys disregard the warning sign to have a plunge in the cold water outside of Grand Portage.

Narrow Gauge Steam Engine

The Riverside & Great Northern Railway in the Wisconsin Dells is a wonderful time. These 15-inch narrow gauge steam engines take you on a nice 3-mile ride through the woods. The sounds are awesome and the steam engine whistle goes and goes. Tyler and I had a blast on this. Here it is turning around on a turntable at the midpoint to pull us back, steam flowing to get the engine going. The top of the funnel is just over 6 feet tall.

Molo World Marathon Challenge

Mazie and Tyler ran in the “Molo” (Morgan-Logan) Save the Children World Marathon Challenge this weekend.

Alona & Dylan

Congratulations to my sister and my new brother-in-law!

USA Kubb

The red, white and blue Kubb King of the US National Kubb Championship shining in the sun on gorgeous green grass in Eau Claire, WI. In the background teams battle it out to move into the semi-finals round.


Waves v. Ice

The Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon is constantly calving icebergs that float around for a while, and then enter the Atlantic. There the icebergs meet their fate versus the ocean.

Snow Branches

We got about eight inches of snow today. It was gorgeous. I snapped this right off of our back deck about half an hour before a breeze knocked most of it down.

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