Langholt Church

We ran across this church while we were driving through the southern part of Iceland. The church was surrounded by mounds of dirt, graves. And the entire church was ringed by a small earthen levee. Near the church was a plaque that read:

During the Skaftá volcanic eruption of 1783, the church at Hólmasel, Meðalland, burned down, and a decision was made to build a new church at Langholt. A church was built of turf, roofed in lyme-grass. The church was rebuilt in 1831, and the present church was constructed in 1862-63. The church was presented to the parish on 14 December 1863, when the parishioners numbered 401.

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  1. Gramma Rose

    Sure is beautiful. I didn’t think there was green grass like that in Iceland. I bet you had a great time on your trip. Love, Grandma. Last nite Susan, Joann, were over working on my yard etc, then Holly came over with here iPad 3 and they planned with Amanda to show us her place. Tim came over too. That was really neat. We had a good visit too. Just thought I’d add that little bit of my day. Bye now.

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